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Woop Woop - 'A place far away, unfamiliar and difficult to get to'.

“The wildlife version of Vogue

David Bailey – Wildlife Photographer | BrandLaureate International Personality Award Winner

“Magazine is great! Loved reading through it and also getting to see my work printed was awesome!

Jacob Rheams, Photographer | Contributor


“I absolutely love your publication…Issue 00 is sat on my desk right now!
The word magazine does not do it justice at all, it is beautiful. So thrilled that Wildlife SOS are part of issue 01″

Debbie Haynes – UK Manager | Wildlife SOS

“We were absolutely blown away, I can’t believe that’s your first issue!! Thanks so much for including us. I hope we
can work together more in the future

April Grennan, Head of Marketing | Fauna Brewery



A place far away, unfamiliar and difficult to get to.

With an ethos to engage, enthuse and educate, by showcasing conservation projects from across the globe, that intertwine so cohesively with the personal narratives of those who spearhead them.

From the amateur photographer with a passion for badgers to the seasoned photo-journalist wanting to share their eyes, from establishes institutions at the forefront of breeding programs to boots-on-the-ground NGO’s fighting against the flow, from volunteer led projects operating on a shoe string to multi-national corporates giving back, from sole individuals with personal ideals to the tribal leader fighting for their ancestral home and culture – Everyone gets a voice.

Featuring informative and emotive content that not only challenges the current ideologies around the preservation of our natural world, but also tells the rich and colourful stories of the pioneers who are at the forefront of the movement; to find the common ground between those who live it, those who are aware and those who take action and enlivening the readership to make conservation a lifestyle choice and not just an afterthought.


A starting point for regeneration; a rebirth to inspire the next generation of naturalists and a flint to re-kindle a spark of reflection in those who already impassioned by the natural world.

We endeavour to highlight a balanced approach towards these different perspectives on cultural and economic issues; celebrating the differences rather than vilifying them, as it is these variations that our make planet earth such a vibrant place.

At the heart of all we do is a consideration for the prompt action necessary to re-establish a much needed balance between humanity and nature, and in turn secure the future of multiple species and habitats across the globe before it is too late.

Times are changing at a rapid pace, and it is imperative that we adapt with urgency.

Woop Woop Magazine is a call to arms for those who want to rebuild, rewrite and restart and take guardianship for the planet and all kind.s://www.ubuntumagazine.com/