Woop Woop Magazine


Our Mission

Conservation is a vast, complex and inter-connected subject, and involves debate and action focusing not just on the environments, the flora and the fauna, but the human element which intrinsically links it all. This is a platform for the people, the projects and the passions involved in conservation from across the globe to give voice to the discourse and enlighten our readers in a way which is accessible, authentic and accurate to learn and understand that we all can play our part and indeed we must all play our part.

A visually led, coffee-table style publication to inspire and inform on interesting topics, whilst communicating the reality of the ‘Conservation Conversation’. and be consumed by anyone and everyone with a passion for the environment.

Without human intervention the planet would continue as it has for millennia, a finely tuned macrocosm that ebbs and flows, never quite reaching equilibrium but working in harmony. But we have intervened, we have interfered and we are responsible for the global environmental crisis.

Our mission is simple – to bridge the gap of discord between Mother Nature and the humankind; to rewrite the narrative that conservation can only be found in the wild places of the world.